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The Weekend! + today

Duck splash was pretty fun. Manned the Eagle Rock booth for a bit, chucking ducks and stuff. Then she came and we walked around everywhere. Lol there was nothing much to do really. Duck races at intervals and watching dog races/tricks/police dogs stuff. Looking at puppies and dogs everywhere. Food was good but I felt guilty after haha. LOL and she almost told Jeffrey my secret =P shhhhh. It’s so embarrassing. Then the DCM after. haha cutie got caught in the middle for I love my neighbor and she had to do the I feel good thing. I didn’t play hehe. Learned some new chants and had a quick spirit battle. Pretty fun. I miss Key Club.

Ok AIDS walk. lol random streets and long walk to the meeting place. She came again and we walked with Bj, Joella, and others. Then got separated. haha I was doing this penguin walk with her ;) It was like that one time waltzing. It was hard to coordinate. talks of what our “weaknesses” were lol and everything else. Oh jeez I have to make it special and big. or at least I want to now. sweaty hands and sore feet but it was all good. Got some ice cream on the way as well yeahhhh. brought my uke too but Andre was holding it. K then the Beverly Center. some Mongolian bbq. A jam sessions with Jeffery =) and random guy. Then we walked around the mall. Got some Wetzel’s Pretzels with caramel. Lol she never had it with caramel before -____-  sat down. talked. then I had to leave.

Today! after school basically toured LA just to get over there. And the stupid cab driver wouldn’t drive me to Union station. Took like 6 buses because of missed stops, bad bus times, etc. gah it was frustrating. finally made it when the game ended. =( but stayed for an hour ‘cause she wasn’t leaving yet. played Volleyball with her, her sister, Joella, Bj, some other person and ya. lol I’m actually decent for a person that never plays haha. after, went to the front ‘cause they were leaving. she walked me to the bus stop (also trying to avoid her sistarrr) or actually to the gate and back to the front again lol. then I left and went homee. then did absolutely nothing.

I noticed something today….hmm I hope I don’t get too clingy. ‘Cause that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid this whole time. But it might be happening. le sigh..I’m definitely gonna have to try to stop that from happening now. Even if it means being separated for while. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” I’ll try to think of now.

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